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What to Look for in a Used Car

By on October 8, 2020 0 1060 Views

Buying a used car can help you save a lot of money, both upfront and over time. However, unless you do some initial groundwork, you could end up making a purchase you’ll regret. But, buying a used car doesn’t have to be a gamble. You can certainly put the odds in your favor by doing enough research and inspection. Here’s what you need to do when buying a used car to ensure your peace of mind. 

Start with Research

Before you start visiting used car lots and dealerships or contacting private sellers, do some research. Figure out the type of car that you need and shortlist a few different options. One reason why it’s important to decide the type of vehicle you would like to purchase early on in the process is so you can specifically research price points, features, and issues for that particular type of car. 

Start Looking for Cars

Once you’ve done a little research about the type of vehicle you would like to buy, you can start contacting car dealerships and private car owners. If you like what you hear over the phone, you can do a VIN check.

Inspect the Car

Once this is done, you can go to see the actual vehicle. Make sure to check the exterior of the vehicle for scratches, dents, or rust, the condition of the tires, and the condition of the lights. You should also look out for uneven panels and doors that may be difficult to open and close. Also, check the interior and lookout for signs of water damage, bad odors, overly worn upholstery, and signs of leakages. You should only take the car for a test drive if it appears okay to you. 

Test Drive the Car

This is by far the most crucial part of your inspection process. To get an idea of just how well the car drives and handles, make sure to drive in both city streets and highways. While driving, try to vary your speeds and, ideally, climb and descend one hill, at the very least. 

If you like how the car handles, get it inspected by a professional mechanic and get a copy of the vehicle history report. Be wary of buying from sellers who don’t have the title of the car in hand.