How to Buy the Perfect Recliner

By on October 8, 2020 0 589 Views

Buying a recliner is not an easy thing – it’s not just a chair. It’s going to be the most comfortable spot in the house besides your bed. Netflix and chill, catching the game with friends, playing console games, or even spending time with family – your recliner is going to see a lot of use and needs to be worth every penny you spend. Here’s what to look for when choosing a recliner that works for you.

Ergonomically Sound: A good recliner supports people of all sizes and weights. It should not be too hard or too soft. Lumbar and lower back support is crucial to feeling relaxed. If you suffer from neck or head pain or tension in the shoulders, consider buying a chair with a pillow that supports those areas.

Great Fabrics: Leather recliners are low maintenance (especially, if you’re going to be snacking on your recliner) and look elegant and stylish. However, leather scratches easily so if you have pets you like to cuddle with, consider buying a recliner that’s covered in microfiber, velvet, or chenille in a color that complements your home décor and the ambiance of the room.

Unbeatable Features and Accessories: Coffee cup holders, wine glass holders, tray tables for your snacks, a phone or tablet holder and a flexible LED reading light will all ensure that you don’t have to move for a very long time. Look for features that can help you relax. 

The Perfect Size: Always consider the size and dimensions of your room when you’re buying a recliner. Standard recliners are about 40’’ wide but if you have the room or are a bigger person, an oversized recliner which measures 50” might fit the bill.

The Right Type: This largely depends on what your definition of comfort is. New parents who want to rock a baby to sleep might choose a rocker or a glider that can rock when in an upright position. People with disabilities might be more comfortable with a completely motorized recliner that helps one stand up when ready. Other types of recliners include the two-position recliner and the push back.  A massage recliner is great for people who suffer from muscle pain.