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The Complete Guide to Buying the Right Car

By on October 8, 2020 0 960 Views

The vehicle you buy may not meet all your requirements, but it can still be a great choice. For instance, an SUV may not offer you the fuel-efficiency of a hatchback, but it will still make for a comfortable and fun ride despite the trade-offs. This guide will help you shortlist cars that are best suited to your needs. 

The Capacity of The Car

Most cars can hold up to five people (although the middle-rear position is quite uncomfortable for an adult). So, if you need to travel with more people, you’ll need to get a three-row SUV or a minivan. 

Cargo Capacity

If you don’t need to store too much cargo in your vehicle, you can opt for a sedan or hatchback. But, if hauling equipment and outdoor activities are important to you, you’ll need to get a wagon, minivan, or SUV. If you have to haul heavy loads, a pickup truck would be your best bet. If you intend to use your pickup truck more for work purposes than family duty, you may want to buy a regular-cab truck instead.

Manual or Automatic?

Most modern cars come with automatic transmission. But, they may also have a manual-shift mode that works like manual transmission (with the absence of the clutch). What you need to consider when deciding between automatic and manual transmission is what type of driving you do most often. For instance, if you often drive in hilly areas, get a car that has a manual-shift mode. But, if you only drive around the city, automatic transmission would be a better bet. 

Your Driving Style

Take a good, hard look at your style of driving when choosing a vehicle. If you prioritize comfort over performance and edge, you may want to get a sedan. If you are a driving enthusiast, you’ll want to get a car that offers great handling and power. 

Fuel Economy or Power?

Small vehicles offer a better fuel economy, but not much power. If you want a powerful car, it’s likely that it won’t give you the best fuel economy. So, this is something you’ll need to consider as well. If you drive long distances to work or to drop your kids off at school, we suggest looking for a car that offers a decent fuel economy.