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When Should You Buy a New Appliance for Your Home?

By on October 8, 2020 0 670 Views

A home is only as good as the appliances in it, but appliances are not cheap. This guide outlines warning signs you should look out for in three major home appliances and tells you when to buy new ones. This will keep you ahead of the sales and help you avoid a potential household disaster and a last-minute pricey purchase.


Red Flags: A refrigerator that’s older than 15 years, has condensation on the inside, and feels unusually warm is a sign that it’s time to break out your emergency fund. You should also pay attention to a freezer that gets cold too fast or freezes food too quickly.

Best Deal: You’re likely to get a good deal on a refrigerator in May, which is when most stores have sales on year-old models.

Pro-Tips: Measure the depth, height, and width of the refrigerator before you buy it. You don’t want to end up with a model that’s too tall or too wide for your kitchen. You should also remember which side your fridge door swings open to ensure the door doesn’t bump into the other appliances you have.

Cooking Ranges

Red Flags: It’s important to inspect your cooking range regularly to spot cracks in the oven door, errors on the display screen, and other damages. Another important warning sign is food that takes too long to cook or bake and burners that don’t ignite.

Best Deal: For unbeatable prices, shop in January. That’s when stores try to offload inventory to make room for more recently manufactured models and appliances.

Pro-Tip: If you’re looking to save on your utility bill, try switching your heat source from gas to electricity or the other way around.

Washers and Dryers

Red Flags: There’s nothing worse than a washing machine that breaks down mid-load. Avoid this household nightmare by watching out for rattles, groans, or leaks. Dryers that get too hot or don’t get hot enough are also a massive red flag.

Best Deal: Stores are most likely to have discounts on washer dryers in September and October.

Pro-Tip: Energy Star-labeled washer dryers will help shave down your utility bills. You should consider buying high-capacity washing machines even if you live alone.