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Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Build Your Patio

By on October 8, 2020 0 512 Views

Many homeowners struggle with how to position their patio in a way that maximizes space, looks elegant and takes advantage of the view and terrain. Here are five crucial questions that will help you decide how to make your patio work for you.

How Are You Going to Use the Patio?

If you’re big on cookouts, entertaining, and alfresco dining, build the patio as close to the house as possible. This will allow you to move between the indoor and outdoor spaces easily and will save you the cost of extending utility lines to power fire pits and outdoor kitchens. If you want to use it as a place to catch some rays, relax, or toast marshmallows over a fire pit, allow for a slice of lawn between the house and the patio.

What Views and Terrain Are You Working With?

A patio can be built to face a stunning ocean or farm view. Working with the terrain you have will also allow you to think of safety and functionality. A patio built on a slight slope, for instance, will require safety railings which might require permits. If you don’t have a tree in your yard, consider a free-standing shade structure for sunny, hot days.

What’s the View from Inside?

People often forget to switch perspectives when it comes to landscape architecture. You want your patio to look its best even when you’re indoors. A water feature, sculpture, or a raised garden bed can be enjoyed from inside too.

How Much Privacy Do You Want?

This will determine whether or not you want to build your patio in the front yard or the back yard. If you like the idea of connecting with your community or even just saying hello to your neighbors as they pass, then a front-yard location is prime territory. A patio built along the side of the house or in the back yard will be more private.

How Much Space Are You Working With?

With a small outdoor area, use the whole space and add a few well-placed planters to bring a touch of green. If you have a lot of space, consider breaking up the lawn with more than one patio.