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Car Battles – SUVs vs. Sedans

By on October 8, 2020 0 1017 Views

Should you buy a sedan or an SUV? The choice may seem quite clear, but once you start weighing out the pros and cons of each car type, you likely won’t be able to come to an immediate decision. After all, you can’t just think about what works for you today. You’ll also need to think about what will suit your future needs. 

Over the past few years, SUV sales have really picked up in the country. Given that these cars offer comfort, space, and power, they’ve become a favorite choice for many new car buyers. That is not to say that sedans don’t have their own advantages. If you need a car to primarily drive around the city or one that’s very fuel-efficient, a sedan will likely make a better choice. 

If you’re confused about whether a sedan or an SUV will make a better buy, here are a few factors you should consider.


There’s no doubt that an SUV offers considerably more space than a sedan. In addition to the added headspace and legroom you get, SUVs also allow you to pack more cargo and goods into the vehicle. This means you and your co-passengers will be able to stretch out during the drive. 


Very few sedans are built with all-wheel-drive. In comparison, almost all SUVs have an AWD system. If you tend to drive in harsh weather conditions frequently, an SUV will probably make more sense. 

Elevated Seating

Even the smallest of SUVs will give you a more elevated seating position that a sedan. This means you’ll be able to enjoy better outward visibility of the vehicles around you and your surroundings. 

Fuel Economy

Sedans, being smaller than SUVs, offer a better fuel economy. Although new-age SUVs are a lot more fuel-efficient than models from years before, they don’t really come close to the fuel efficiency offered by sedans. 


Compared to an SUV, a sedan is a lot more compact. Some people may think this is a disadvantage, but it actually makes it a lot easier for the car owner to maneuver the car in peak traffic. 

In addition to these factors, it’s also important to take your budget into account. Sedans are not as expensive as SUVs, so you can save a good amount of money by purchasing a sedan.