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Tips for Creating a Natural Dental Care Regimen

By on October 8, 2020 0 631 Views

Natural options for makeup and skincare get a lot of attention, but one of the most important switches is finding a good dental care routine. Here are some tips to take care of your teeth naturally. 

Replace Your Toothbrush

Skip plastic toothbrushes that are too harsh and abrasive on your teeth and gums

and look for a BPA-free nylon brush. You could buy a plant-based toothbrush as well. Using a toothbrush reduces bad bacteria in the mouth, that is why it is important to choose the right one for better dental care.

Go Gentle with Toothpaste

Toothpaste acts as the perfect antibacterial. But, choose your toothpaste carefully since some of them could include harmful ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, and sodium hydroxide. These chemicals are harmful to the body and may even reduce the healthy bacteria (probiotics) in the mouth. 

Oil Pulling Before You Brush

Before you brush, consider trying oil pulling. This is an ancient Ayurvedic holistic dental care method that involves swishing cold-pressed oil in your mouth. Swishing the oil in your mouth helps “pull” toxins from your system as you pull the oil through your teeth and gums. You can use coconut, olive, or sesame oil for this.

Freshen Breath Naturally

Some studies show that alcohol-based mouthwashes are responsible for the worldwide increase in oral cancer. This is because the alcohol dehydrates cells in the mouth, which then allows carcinogens to easily permeate the skin and cause cancer.

You can still get the disinfecting benefits of mouthwash by using peppermint and tea tree essential oils, which freshens breath, kills harmful germs, and also leaves your mouth feeling clean. 

Don’t Forget to Floss and Scrape

Studies show flossing not only gets rid of plaque but also reduces gum inflammation. You can opt for a natural disinfectant like tea tree oil to reduce bad oral bacteria. A tongue scraper can also be used to clean bacterial build-up, food debris, fungi, and dead cells from the surface of the tongue. This helps your mouth stay clean and freshens your breath.