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What Causes Cancer? 3 Risk Factors You Should Know

By on October 8, 2020 0 673 Views

Cancer is a complex and scary disease, even though the odds of surviving the disease and living a healthy life are good if it is caught early. That said, there are many people who develop cancer each year and unfortunately, not everyone survives it. Most cancers develop depending on several factors, In fact, research has identified many contributing causes of cancer. Some are obvious and quite preventable, while others are an unfortunate result of genetics. Though many cancers have a high probability of being beat, the lack of proper or available medical care can greatly impact an individual’s survival rate. Here is a list of what causes cancer along with some tips to change what you can do to prevent the disease.


The damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays has been studied immensely over the years. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, UV is a proven carcinogen when exposed to in excess. This leads to skin cancer as a result of gene mutations. There are many types of skin cancer that UV rays can cause, with melanoma being the most serious and deadly type. Keep in mind that it does not need to be hot and sunny outside for your skin to get damaged. That is why it is best to always wear sunscreen.


Some people can be at a higher risk of developing cancer due to their genetic structure or DNA. This is because certain mutated genes can be passed onto children from generation to generation. Unfortunately, this can’t be prevented or controlled. The American Cancer Society states that cancer is believed to be formed due to more than one gene mutation, so you are not likely to develop cancer just from one mutated gene that is inherited through DNA. People who inherit these genes are at a disadvantage because they’re automatically starting with one mutated gene.


No list of the causes of cancer would be complete without smoking and tobacco usage. Cigarettes can cause different types of cancer, and thousands of people die as a result of this. Research also shows that second-hand smoke is harmful and even deadly for those who do not smoke. It’s best to stop smoking and find a helpful online tool or join a support group to kick the habit for good.