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Dressing For The Season: A How-To Guide For The Fashion-Forward

By on October 8, 2020 0 573 Views

The seasons dictate how we dress, but the beauty of fashion is how you make it your own. Shopping for season-appropriate clothing can be overwhelming. The trick is to strike the right balance between cut, color texture, and style, and buy pieces that are stylish but functional. Here’s how to do this right.

Spring: Spring is a great time to wear fresh and light colors. While you may be eager to trade in your heavy winter overcoat for something light, remember to ease yourself into spring fashion. Based on where you stay, early spring can come with quite a bit of rain and can be chilly. So, start the season off with light layers, long sleeves, and perhaps a fitted jacket over dresses and pants. As the weather becomes warmer, choose bright colors, lightweight fabrics, flowy styles, and spring-inspired prints.

Summer: Bathing suits and flip flops are a no-brainer, but there’s a lot more to summer than spending time at the beach. If your style is conservative, invest in long summer outfits crafted from breathable fabrics. Summer classics like bralettes, crop tops, linen shorts, mini baby doll dresses, and light and airy t-shirts are a great way to beat the heat and look stylish. Protect your head from the sun with a bucket hat or baseball cap or go vintage-bold with a big, floppy hat and sunglasses.

Fall: Pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween, and the much-awaited Thanksgiving turkey – fall is America’s most anticipated season. Colors like brown, red, yellow, orange, plum, and berry shades are classic fall colors. Create visual interest with bold patterns, plaid, and checks. A fun fringe element on your boots or jacket will make you stand out. Or, better yet, choose a luxe vibe with faux fur. The key is to stay warm, layer up, and look fabulous.

Winter: Wool, faux fur, leather, and quilted jackets will keep you warm and fashionable but don’t forget to make a statement with winter hats and caps, muffs, textured collars, scarves, and gloves. Layers are key to creating different looks with a few key pieces. Fire engine reds, fir-tree greens, and icy blues are timeless winter colors to play around with during this season.